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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Activity Day Prayer Bracelet

What is a Prayer Bracelet (or Personal Progress Bracelet)?

It is a beautiful beaded memory wire bracelet that has a charm that you can move around to keep track of doing daily spiritual task. There are letter beads on the bracelet that stand for the spiritual tasks: MP = Morning Prayer, SS = Scripture Study, WJ = Write in Journal, EP = Evening Prayer

One Of my callings in my church is Activity Days. Which is a class we hold for girls from ages 8-12. We meet twice a month and have an activity that pertains to one of the handbook topics. April is my month and I have the topic of Learning and Living the Gospel. I decided to make this beautiful bracelet. I have made it before for Young Women's camp and called it a Personal Progress Bracelet, so if you are called to YW this is a great project for you too. I thought this applied just as well for the Activity Day girls.


Beads (Hobby Lobby, they have great color choices and one bag works great per girl)
Letter beads (Hobby Lobby, they sell a bag of one letter)
Memory wire (Michaels, They sell a longer piece then HL for cheaper, You can get 20 bracelets from one)
Head pin (Michaels)
Charm Clasp (Hobby Lobby)

Look at the beautiful color choices. Makes it hard to pick just one.

Lets get started. Like I said this is my second time doing this craft so always give the girls bowls to hold the beads and a plate to work on, keeps from beads going everywhere. I like to prep this project by putting supplies for each bracelet in a ziploc bag.

I cut the memory wire and curl the one side so the girls can start beading.

I hand the bag of supplies to each of the girls and have them make the charm first.


Step 1 Feed beads onto the charm pin.
Step 2 Feed clasp onto the charm pin.
Step 3 I have the girls tell me when they are done and I go around and loop the pin.
Step 4 As you can see the clasp is in the loop.


They simple feed the beads and letter beads onto the memory wire as desired. I have the girls tell me when they are done and I loop the other end of the memory wire to finish the bracelet.

Here are the girls making the bracelets. This is a great and easy project for a group of girls. They all had so much fun making them. I love this project cause it not only a cute bracelet it also has a spirtual purpose. Hopefully for at least a week it reminds and inspires them to pray, read their scriptures and write in their journals. Like I said before this can be used for Young Women and Activity Days.

Have fun crafting.

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  1. We are having a craft night at church, this is a great idea! Thanks!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I hadn't heard of these before.... My Beehives would EAT this up!!!

    Thanks for sharing... (cute too!!)
    hugs x
    Crystelle Boutique

    1. Thanks, Like I said it was a hit at girls camp, have fun.

  3. Such a great tutorial. The ex-Michael's employee in me wants to mention that the "charm pins" are technically called head pins--just in case you have to ask someone to help you find them.

    Have you thought about doing a tutorial on your "mommy" bracelets? If you have no idea what I am talking about, text me, and I'll remind you. I don't want to describe them here and ruin the surprise. ; )

    1. Thanks so much I couldn't remember what they were called and didn't have the package, I will update that. Yes, soon I'll post the "mommy" bracelet it is what inspired this project. I got called to Girls camp craft leader one year and was freaking out what to do with like 250 girls and then it came to me. it has been a real hit.

    2. Now I'm curious, what are the mommy bracelets?

    3. I had a mommy bracelet. You put 3 beads then a different color bead or number. It helps you keep track of the last time you fed your baby. If your are breastfeeding, you can wear it in your left or right wrist to help remind you what side to start feeding on next. Super helpful to new, sleep deprived moms! :)

  4. PS: Glad you have time to blog. I assume this means hubby is doing a lot better.

    1. Yes he is feeling better and best of all I haven't had to go to the hospital this week.

  5. What cute bracelets! Looks like a great project! Would you consider sharing this and any other projects you may have over at my Pinterest Party?


  6. What pretty bracelets! Looks like a really fun project to do with a group of girls.
    Thanks so much for linking up at the Real Family Fun link party! Hope to see you next week.

  7. I've never seen a bracelet like this, so pretty!

  8. Thank you for sharing you talents. This will be fun to add to our Activity Days. Hugs