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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Box Craft

So I finally went to Tai Pan Trading and it was realllllllly nice, up there with Ikea. They had lots of beautiful Halloween decorations. While there I saw these cute Halloween boxes but when I saw the price they weren't as cute. Well, while I was in town I went to Ikea and while I was browsing....

I found these little beauties for $4.99 for the pair and the light bulb came on. I feel a craft coming on...

So I got home and gathered my supplies and got my craft on.

  • Boxes
  • Scrapbook paper (I got these at Hobby Lobby)
  • Paint
  • Foam brush
  • Wooden knobs (I got these at Hobby Lobby)
  • Mod Podge

To make:

First. I cut the scrapbook paper. I just used the boxes as a template.
Second. I painted the edges of the boxes black I didn't wanted baby green showing.
Third. I Mod Podged the scrapbook paper on the boxes.
Fourth. I painted the knobs black and added them to the top to make them look fancier.

Love it! For a fraction of the cost, I had those same cute boxes. And huge plus for me, I got to use my craft muscles. I did buy the flying witch and 3 porcelain pumpkins at Tai Pan there were so cute and had a good price I spent well under $10.

Hope you have fun crafting.

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