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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nursery Music Time Bag

One of my callings in my church is to the Nursery. When I first got called it was a hot mess, but at the start of the year we descided to do an total overhaul. I made this music time bag that has proven to be highly success with my once roudy kids. I have a bag filled with fun items that stand for different songs and each child takes turns picking an item out of the bag. It took them just 2 weeks to get the hang of our new music time. Now they are so excited to do music time. Best of all it's a great tool to keep them revrent and to sing nice and loud. They know if they do that they get to pick next and they love to pick a item out of the bag.

Here are the different items I've have chosen.

Wheels on the Bus: I have a flip book, the kids love flipping the pages and doing all the hand jestures.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: I have this Itsy Bitsy Spider book.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed: I made this monkey glove. The kids love putting it on as we sing.

Monkeys Swinging in a Tree: I have a monkey and crocodile.

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam: I made these sunbeam sticks out of felt and popsical sticks. I hand them out when we sing and the loves waving them in the air as we sing.

Once There Was a Snowman: I found this cute little snowman. Soon I hope I get to replace him when the snow finally stops.

I Love to See the Temple: I made these fun "Magic Wands" that I hand out while we sing. The kids love waving the ribbons in the air.

Like I said this bag has worked some miracles in my nursery. My kids sing more, take turns and stay reverent during singing time.