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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Couples Game Night

Saturday, Tina and I hosted a Couples Game Night and it was so fun. It was nice to bound with other couples without our kids. We had everyone bring a snack to share and it was all so yummy. We played two games and I would like to share them with you so you can play them with your friends.

Newlywed Game

Just hand out some paper and pens and ask the following questions. Have the wives and husbands answer the questions. At the end see which couple has the most matches, least matches and which couple has the best fight, I handed out prizes for each that I purchased on my Target run. This is a great game to get to know each other, it was fun to see people come out of their shell.

1. Where was your first kiss?
2. What color did your wife wear on your first date?
3. How long does it take your wife to get ready in the morning?
4. What color are your wife's eyes?
5. Where will your wife say she had the best vacation with you?
6. What is the most embarrassing thing your husband has done around you?
7. What dish does your wife prepare that she thinks you enjoy the most?
8. Which one of your husband's habits would you like to break?
9. What color tie would your husband like?
10. What comic character best describes your husband?
11.  Where did your husband take you on your first date?
12. If you asked your husband to cook dinner one evening, what dish would he prepare?
13. How would you rate your wife's morning breath? On a scale 1-10
14. What percent of house work do you do? for husband
15. What was the first meal that your wife ever cooked for you?
16. What did your spouse get you for Christmas last year?
17. Who is the safer driver?
18. What is the worst thing that happened on your wedding day, if anything?
19. What is your husband's favorite restaurant?
20. What would be your wife's dream vacation?
21. Which would your husband least like to do: go shopping with you or clean the toilets?
22. Who is the most patient?
23. What did you get your husband for his birthday last, and vice versa?
24. What is your husband's ultimate favorite movie?
25. Who gets to control the TV remote?
26. How many pairs of shoes does your wife own?
27. What is your wife's greatest fear?


This is the funniest game to play with a group of people. Every time we play my side aches with laughter. It is a sort of like charades.

1. Cut a piece of paper in to strips (about 1x2 inches)
2. Hand out 3 strips of paper to each person (depending on the amount of people you may hand out more or less strips.)
3. Have each person write a name on each piece of paper. (It can be anyone, actor, singer, comic character, person in the room, etc. keep in mind you want the other people in the room to be able to guess the name.) put all the names in a bowl.
4. Break the group into 2 teams (we did girls vs boys)

How to play:

This is a 3 round game. Each round is played until all the names in bowl have been guessed. At the end of each round tally how many names each team has guessed and put all the names back in the bowl. At the end of the 3 rounds the team with the most points wins.

How each round is played:
Each team takes turns trying to guess as many names as the can in 30sec.
Round 1: You can act or say anything to help your team guess the name (except the name on the card or what it rhymes with)
Round 2:  You can act or say only 2 words to describe the name. (except the name on the card or what it rhymes with)
Round 3:  You can only act to describe the name on the card.

It may sound hard to only act in the 3 round but keep in mind you will be using the same names in all 3 rounds so by the time you get to round 3 it is easier then you think. While playing last night I saw the best Moonwalk (Michel Jackson), the best Karate chop (Bruce Lee) and the best truffle shuffle (Chunk from The Goonies) Trust me once you start playing this game you won't be able to stop. It is truly the best game to get people out of their shell and having fun.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I would love to do something like this with my friends (I'd invite you, but it would be a rather long drive). How many couples did you invite?

  2. These games just make me miss you guys too much!!! I love Celebrity!!!

    1. So fun I just love it when Mike puts in names. :)

  3. We like to play Celebrity on family camping trips. So fun!

  4. These are so cool! Thanks so much for posting these on this week's FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA! We love doing things with other couples, so both of these games would be awesome to try! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. Wow, how fun. I am going to pin these. Thank so much for sharing at Crafty Tuesday!