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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nursery Music Time Bag

One of my callings in my church is to the Nursery. When I first got called it was a hot mess, but at the start of the year we descided to do an total overhaul. I made this music time bag that has proven to be highly success with my once roudy kids. I have a bag filled with fun items that stand for different songs and each child takes turns picking an item out of the bag. It took them just 2 weeks to get the hang of our new music time. Now they are so excited to do music time. Best of all it's a great tool to keep them revrent and to sing nice and loud. They know if they do that they get to pick next and they love to pick a item out of the bag.

Here are the different items I've have chosen.

Wheels on the Bus: I have a flip book, the kids love flipping the pages and doing all the hand jestures.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: I have this Itsy Bitsy Spider book.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed: I made this monkey glove. The kids love putting it on as we sing.

Monkeys Swinging in a Tree: I have a monkey and crocodile.

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam: I made these sunbeam sticks out of felt and popsical sticks. I hand them out when we sing and the loves waving them in the air as we sing.

Once There Was a Snowman: I found this cute little snowman. Soon I hope I get to replace him when the snow finally stops.

I Love to See the Temple: I made these fun "Magic Wands" that I hand out while we sing. The kids love waving the ribbons in the air.

Like I said this bag has worked some miracles in my nursery. My kids sing more, take turns and stay reverent during singing time.


  1. Holy cow, this is awesome. Way better than my "Super Sunday" lesson.

  2. Hi Desiree, can you tell me where you got the Wheels on the Bus flip book? I've seen it before and it is darling, just wondering where I can get it too! Thanks.

    1. I was wondering the same thing.

    2. Me too, where do we find the Wheels on the Bus Flip Book?!

  3. Do you have the clip art for the Wheels on the Bus flip book? I just was called as chorister, but the prior person wants to keep all her great items like this! =)

  4. We have that same flip book in our nursery. I am trying to find one for my early learning center, but to no avail. Do you have an ISBN number or anything? I googled it, but nothin'
    :) Thanks

  5. I was looking for this flip book too. We had one in our previous ward and I'd love to know where you got it!

  6. The flip book comes from the Super Little Singers ready to use book by Mary Moss. Hope that helps for those still wanting the wheels on the bus.

  7. How did you make your magic wands? Also, do you have trouble with your kids putting your things in their mouths? What do you do? I know it's a typical thing, but I hate the thought of germs all over, and some things don't wipe clean. Thanks!

  8. Will you be interested in making your nursery bag? I love my calling but I never have time to make things like this!