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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fun day in the city

So, we live in a small town called Tooele and today we drove into the city to run some earns and see a movie. Hey, we even went bull ridding. hehe

I almost pee'd my pants during lunch. We were playing a game in which we would think of a name we would be called on the weekend. We were throwing out names for each other like Samantha, Chester, Spencer and such. Well Adam wanted something manly so I suggested Duke. And he was like yeah that's good until Elizabeth said, " I love you Dooky (Dukey)" Adam quickly looked at me and said nope that won't work as I died laughing.

The day ended great, for when we got home in the mail was the disk Mom Fisher sent of Fisher Family photos we took before we left Arizona. Even Robyn was in town so we got everyone in. They came out soooooooooo good. Bedie Price worked her magic again. I have to show you.

The Big Fisher Family

Mom and Dad Fisher with the "Single Ladies"

Robert & his family


Katie & her family

Robyn & her family

Seth & his new wife & baby in the oven.

Mom & Dad Fisher & all the grand kids.

Soon these will be on my wall I have just the space waiting.

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