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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sad Day

So, as most of you know I've move from Arizona to the great state of Utah. So many things are going well here. Weather great, kids have lots of friends, Adam loves his new job and I have more time to craft. But, Thursday I got sad, I just miss everyone and there are a lot of people to miss. It hit me when I got a call from my Arizona home teacher, he is so sweet, he just called to see if all was well and then BANG it hit me the sadness. But, all is well cause in my time of sadness, my husband rises to the occasion and reminds me how wonderful he is.

He is working 12 hour overnight shifts and Friday morning he came home with flowers to brighten my day and brighten they did.

Hey they even sparked my craftiness.... First I tried out something I've been dying to try on Pinterest.

Then, I finally finished a project that has been sitting around for what seems like forever. Now I had the time and the reason to finally finish it. As my hubby went off to sleep and my kids off to school I got to work. Here is my end result, this was a Super Saturday project sparked by Sister Wilson.

Omg,  I love it. Makes me so happy coming home to fresh flowers. It was soooo easy to make too. Here is what you do...

You need:
- wood heart
- wire hanger
- mason jar
- paint
- ribbon (optional)

note: the wood heart was cut out of wood for this project, but you could maybe buy something similar at a craft store.

I then painted the heart. It came out cute but it was a result of a mistake. I painted the outer edge with brown paint cause I planned on doing the Vaseline trick and then painting it red and having it look aged. but..... when it came time to paint it red I only had one bottle of red craft paint that was pretty much empty, but due to me not wanting to go to the store I squeezed out enough to get one coat on and this is what happened.  I love it.

Then, you take the wire hanger and use it to attach the canning jar to the wood. There are 4 holes drilled into the wood to pull the wire through. Then I added the ribbon to cute it up.

Now I have a place to show my husband's pretty flowers.

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