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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adventures in Blogging #2

#2 Success

So, last week I had my melt down, blogger overload, but this week I regrouped and had some success I would love to share with you.

1. I successfully completed step 6 "Make sure you gain Google authorship" in 8 Tips to Maximize Your Google+ Presence by Jenny @ The NY Melrose Family.

2. I read and successfully completed, How to Verify your blogger blog on Pinterest by Jamie @ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. She has a great tutorial and if I can do it without a hitch, there is a good chance you too can have success.

3. My blogging has allowed me to reconnect to one of my very best friends, Lisa. She too has started blogging and it has been great to grow together. It's so nice to rant to someone who knows exactly what you are talking about and feeling. She has started a GREAT Blog that is a great resource for Celiacs, The Everyday Celiac, I'm so impressed and excited about how many people it will help. She also is working on a personal blog, that I can't wait to check out.

4. On a personal note I made it through a week of exercise at the hands of my new TRAINER. Well, I decided I wanted to get back into shape, swimsuit season is fast approaching  So I decided to ask my husband to help me out. I asked him to be like mean personal trainer, something like Jillian. Boy I didn't think he would have such joy rising to the occasion. He defiantly channeled his basic training days, but I got what I asked for. 

Hope you have some success this week, Happy Blogging.



  1. My husband listens to manly podcasts about blogging by a guy named Pat Flynn. They are very guy-oriented, but it's nice that he's learning cool stuff and sharing it with me. Thanks for sharing your own resources... men and women have different speakage. This might be easier for me to take in. Lynaea @

  2. I wish my husband could push me like that.
    Thanks for the tips I had no dea. I want to know how did you get your circles liking to facbook and pintrest?

    1. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to add the "pretty circles" as I called them in my head. Eventually, however, I found two great resources, which I would love to share.

      Here is a link to get the circle icons themselves:

      Here is a link to a tutorial for putting them on your blog & making them links:

      Fair warning: I spent quite a bit of time finding the right links to my accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. What helped significantly was pulling up a blog that already had the link circles (like Your Crafty Friend), clicking on them, and then going to my account (on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) and trying to find a matching page for me and copying that URL.

      Also, I highly recommend creating a Word document so you can keep a copy of the links, the URLs for the tutorial, write the code, etc. Doing it all on blogger can be a little daunting.

    2. Thanks for letting me know about this! I will try getting those pretty circles this week.

    3. I just added a new post the hopefully helps.

  3. I love your new blogging series, Desi, and thanks for the shout-out. Knowing you are helping spread the word while getting down and dirty in the blogging trenches yourself will help keep me motivated!

    I had a VERY busy week enjoying spring break. I got SO MUCH done around the house, and watched very little TV. I will probably be adding new posts to My Superbia soon.

    Happy blogging!