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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Build Your Blog Conference 2013

Wow, My head is still swimming after Saturdays Build Your Blog Conference. This was my very first Conference and I can't tell you how scared I was to enter unknown territory. Well, I made it out alive and full of lots of info I'm trying to process still. There will be a lot of changes made to my blog so hang in there while I work out some bugs.

There were so many moments that stand out unfortunately I was so busy taking notes I failed to take any pictures, don't you hate when that happens?

Anyway, I just have to say I'm inspired and that feels so good. Thank you to Brooke Walker of Studio 5, Her talk was AMAZING it just got me fired up. I'm excited to work on new looks on my blog thanks to Lindsay of Artsy Fartsy Mama and Ashton of Something Swanky. I can't express in words how great Nat & Holly of My Sister's Suitcase class "What to expect your first year of blogging" they had so much great info, thanks for sharing ladies. but the biggest thanks goes to the Six Sister's Stuff for putting on this event can't wait for next year.

One of my favorite moments was Brooke's talk about Balancing the Bucket. .

From the children's book "Have you filled a bucket today" which tells us as you fill others people's buckets yours gets filled too.

I recently had my bucket filled by my husband and kids till it over flowed with love. From my post 14 days of Love I shared how I gave little treats to my husband and kids for 14 days up till Valentine's day. I can't tell you how fun it was while I was doing it, but the best and most unexpected surprise is what has happened after wards. The Love my Family has given me since is priceless. My husband bought my favorite flowers Tulips and included the most beautiful Love letter that brought me to tears, just Love him. Elizabeth made me a special Valentine and has since done the dishes every night and vowed to do them every night for me. Conner boy has said "I Love you Mom" more then he has in awhile along with big bear hugs. That was the best dollar store candy I have ever bought. I urge you to share some random acts of kindness with your family? Let me know how it goes?

What was your favorite moment from BYBC 2013?

I have a ring full of beautiful business cards for blogs I can't wait to check out! Let me know if you attended the conference – I would love to check you out and follow you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! You totally inspired me to go with my gut and start working on my blog in a real way. It is still VERY rough, but you can check it out here

    I have no idea where I am headed with it, but I figured if I don't get my feet wet, there is no way I'll ever go swimming.

  2. Well said I'm glad you shared it with me I can't wait to read more.

  3. By the way, did the conference presenters happen to share any tips about not staying up until 11:30 on a school night when you have to get up early and man the family carpool the next morning? If so, send them my way. ; )

  4. They did say they did the same kinds of things but no tips on what to do. I live on Coke Zero and on those late nights Chocolate helps me.