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Monday, February 25, 2013

Notebook Revamp

This is one of my favorite projects and I'm going to share it with you. It is super easy, cheap and in the end so usefully. I use my notebooks all the time they are cute and I always have a pen and paper. The mini notebook is always in my purse and always comes in handy. Let's get started...

What you need:

Composition book
Scarpbook paper
Mod Podge
Sewing Machine

First. We start by applying the paper to the notebook.

1. Cut the paper. I cut one piece for the front and back cover, 1 piece for the binding and 1 piece for decoration.
2. I then apply Mod Podge to the composition book where you will apply the front and back cover.
3. Attach the front cover to the composition book. Run your hand over the paper to rub out any bubbles.
4. Apply Mod Podge to the binding area. Then atach the paper to the binding.
5. Apply Mod Podge to the decoration paper.
6. Attach decoration paper to notebook.
7. Apply Mod Podge to the entire notebook.
8. Let the Mod Podge dry. Because I applied Mod Podge to the front and back at the same time I stand the book up to dry.
9. I use a file to go over the edges and scrape off any excess paper, like on the rounded corners.

Second. Apply ribbon to the notebook.

1. I sew the ribbon on with my sewing machine, yes you can sew paper give it a try. I use the zig zag stitch for this project.
2. I make loops in the ribbon to hold the pens to the front of the notebook. I use the pen or pencil to size the loop, I remove the pen or pencil (while still holding the loo) and run the book through the sewing machine to make the loop. I like to do 4 loops in different sizes.
3. On the back I sew the ribbon to the back to secure it and leave a tail that will attach to the front with Velcro to secure the notebook closed.

Third. Attach Bow and Velcro.

1. I make a bow.
2. I use my hot gun to attach the Velcro to the ribbon, to secure the notebook closed. I use hot gun to attach bow to the ribbon, it makes the notebook look so cute, but also hides the Velcro.

You're done Enjoy. I never have to ask someone for a pen when I'm in a meeting cause it's always on the front of my notebook.

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  1. Two questions:

    1. Do you apply Modge Podge to the book and the paper for each piece you glue on? I think you mentioned doing this for the binding section, but I wasn't sure about the other two.

    2. Can you explain the sewing steps in more detail? I used my sewing machine to make mini notebooks in the past, so I know its possible. I am just wondering about the logistics, considering the pages and the thick cardboard covers.

  2. 1. When applying the front and back cover and binding I apply Modge Podge to the book. For the decorative paper I apply Modge Podge to the paper. When done I apply Modge Podge over the whole book to give it protection.
    2. For the sewing I open the book and just run the cover through the sewing machine. My machine does not have any issue with the cardboard at all.