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Monday, February 25, 2013

Syrup Taste Test

So one of my favorite things my family does is taste tests. We have a big family there are usually 10 adults at Sunday dinner, so we have a perfect panel to have a taste test. It's a fun active to see what we like best.

On this Sunday we had waffles for dinner and so it was a perfect time to try out Syrups.
We have one person in charge and they put each syrup in a cup with a number. We then had a paper that had us first try to see if we could guess the brand and then next rank the syrups from best to worst.

The Choices Were:

1. Mrs. Butters Worth
2. Log Cabin
3. Great Value
4. Aunt Jemima
5. Spring Tree Maple
6. Organic Maple

Let me tell you it is harder then you think. In our family we were shocked to find out that the best was Log Cabin and then next Great Value. The worst was Organic Maple and Spring Tree Maple. Who knew, I have never bought Log Cabin but now I will. Next, we want to try out ketchup and BBQ sauce.
Try it in your family I think you may be shocked by the results.

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